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Reduce drag and fouling with AquaCote Foul-release coatings. Better than antifoul, they are biocide free and will last three years or more.

Concerned with the environmental cost of traditional antifoul paint, in 2007 AquaCote began developing a new foul release range of coatings. They had five key criteria to fulfill:

We're pleased to say AquaCote succeeded in producing a leading antifouling system, available to boat owners worldwide.

AquaCote's mission has always been to deliver a market leading antifouling system that doesn't harm marine life. AquaCote's pursuit for 'the best' has taken them around the globe, to every ocean and all marine conditions. 

Instead of using heavy metals and biocides to kill marine creatures, we chose Fluoropolymer based chemistry to create an extremely smooth, hydrophobic surface, making it almost impossible for fouling organisms to stick to and those that do can simply be wiped off. The high gloss finish would also reduce drag, maximize boat performance and reduce fuel consumption. Out of that initial shift to a more ecologically friendly antifouling paint came three products - AquaCote Hull, AquaCote Prop, and AquaCote Rib. Over the last eight years we've refined and tested our range to deliver the foul release coatings you apply today.

Keep your knots up all season with AquaCote PROP

AquaCote HULL will deliver consistent results for years, whilst reducing fuel consumption

AquaCote RIB will keep your tubes free of foul with little maintenance

We are an approved Fiji agent & applicator

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